Monday, July 20, 2020

Upcoming Webinars by Washington Gardener Magazine

All of the webinars are held via Zoom. Once you register, you will get a confirmation and a link to the Zoom connection details. Note that if you cannot attend the live class, you can still register and get a link to view the class recording for two weeks after the actual class date.

Sunday, August 2, 2-3pm

Water in the Landscape: Creating a Garden Oasis
Water features and water gardens can be a magical addition to your landscape. Water can be stimulating or calming, depending on how it is used. Water gardens can sustain native wildlife and mask ambient noise. This class explains the basics of installing and maintaining a water feature of any size into a garden. It also highlights water garden plant choices appropriate for our region. Speaker: Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine. Fee: $10.
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Sunday, September 6, 2-3pm
Attractive and Lasting Plant Combinations
We'll explore playing with color, form, and texture in the perennial/shrub border. This image-heavy talk includes the tried-and-true proven combinations as well as some daring new mixes to experiment with in your own home garden. Speaker: Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine. Fee: $10.
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Sunday, October 4, 2-3pm
Dealing with Deer and Other Mammal Pests in Your Garden
Bambi may be cute, but he and his mother, cousins, and rest of the herd are very hungry and they would love to make a feast of your garden. This talk will cover proven and humane tactics for gardening with deer, rabbits, rats, groundhogs, and other creatures that are attracted to both edible and ornamental gardens. Speaker: Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine. Fee: $10. Register at:

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