Wednesday, July 01, 2020

DIY: Floating Glass Globes

Floating Glass Balls

This project is purely decorative to add a bit of flair to a small water garden or a floating floral arrangement. These colored balls mimic the ones used for floating fishing nets, which are rather pricey. I chose colors in the blue-green spectrum to blend in with my container lotus, but you can use whatever color combinations strike your fancy.

Level: easy   Cost: minimal   Use: gardening 

- egg carton
- skewer 

Step 1: Remove the hanger/insert from the top of the clear glass balls. Then, clean any dust or debris inside the balls and let them dry thoroughly.
Step 2: Mix 2 tablespoons of Mod Podge and a squirt of a food coloring gel together in a bowl or cup using a skewer. You can add more food coloring gel or mix colors together, as you desire. Note that the colors will appear much darker now and will dry to a translucent finish.
Step 3: Sit the clear ball with the opening facing up in the egg carton and carefully pour in the colored Mod Podge. Swirl the coloring around and then turn it upside down over the egg carton and let the excess run out overnight.
Step 4: Let the balls dry until clear and then place them in your water garden.

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