Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gardening After Dark

Today was a rare glorious 60+ degree autumn day. No chill wind. No gloomy fog. Just a perfect dawn of jacket-free weather. I ditched my pile of paperwork and the big email backlog to spend the afternoon planting bulbs, moving azaleas, potting up begonias for indoor window sills, and general mucking up the garden. I only came in when I did as it got too dark to see the ground. You know you are garden-crazy when you start to consider investing in a miner's helmet light!

I posted about the practice of post-dusk gardening back in July here and observed how an innocent gardener can easily be mistaken for a nefarious grave digger. I know if one of my neighbors was out there hacking away at the earth past their bedtime, I'd have to seriously consider a call to the cops. It is just as well the darkness forces me indoors, when else would I have time to write these blog posts or browse through my seed catalogs?

Pictured here is one of the new displays at Brookside's Garden of Lights. Strolling through holiday light displays is one nighttime activity in the garden that we can all enjoy without raising undue suspicions.

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