Friday, November 23, 2007

Buy Nothing Day Potpourri

I'm spending the post-Thanksgiving Day lull catching up on my chores and starting a few new craft projects for gifts. In the spirit of Buy Nothing Day, I will stay away from the stores, though that has not stopped me from surfing some shopping sites online nor plowing through the big stack of newspaper ad circulars. Still, I'm in the frugal spirit and haven't seen much of anything that interests me enough to pull out a credit card.

I'm a little miffed to not be mentioned at all (for good or bad) in Adrian Higgins' Washington Post Home article on his garden magazine reading choices. When I went online at their page to make a comment on the article, I see a few loyal readers have already jumped on there to endorse Washington Gardener Magazine. What a nice thing to see.

Way too cold with frigid winds to spend much time outside in the garden today. I did a little wind storm pick up and trash collecting. I curse whoever invented those cheap plastic bags that seem to gravitate like magnets to the deep reaches inside my groundcover rose bushes. I'm not a Smashing Pumpkins fan, but that is just want I did this morning with a few of my larger pumpkins as a treat for the squirrels . They had already been chewing on the thick outer shells of many of the small pumpkins I have lined up by my back drive, so I thought I'd make it a little easier for them and the birds to get at the good stuff inside.

Darn! Somebody beat me to the idea of a "What Happens in the Garden, Stays in the Garden" T-shirt and the pricing is much better than I could offer through our magazine's T-shirt page. I even like their design better than what I'd had in mind. Oh well, back to potting up bulbs for indoor forcing and dreaming up my next get rich quick scheme.
How are you spending your Black Friday/Buy Nothing Day?


  1. I wanted to comment on the Post article, but as they now say it's closed for comments, I'll pipe up here (though really, I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir).

    What I would have said is that Washington Gardener, in addition to being good information for a local gardener, is just also just a plain old "good read". Many hobbyist magazines don't pay much attention to the enjoyment factor, and get caught up in the technical aspects. Washington Gardener scores high on both categories, and obviously cares about both form and function.


  2. Thanks, firephrase! Wonder why comments were closed? Don't recall that happening with other Post articles I've put notes on.


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