Friday, November 09, 2007

Baby Boomers and Their Aching Backs

Our latest article in the Washington Examiner is out today. Read the article online here (Real Estate section - November 9 2007 edition - page 6), or grab the print version at the red street boxes around town today - the article is on R6 (Real Estate section - page 6). It is on Baby Boomer Gardening. Specifically how aging boomers have impacted gardening trends in the last few years. My subhead that didn't make it in the Examiner was "Perennials are Going Out, Along with their Backs."

This morning I saw a piece on one of the early shows on the Millennial generation, who is now hitting the college and job market. They described these kids as being in for a shock when they start real jobs and have to do actually do work since none of them spent summers doing yard work, working in food service, baby-sitting, etc. -- as none of those activities would get you into a good school. Are we really raising generations of kids that think this way?

One thing I can say about Boomers is, as a group, they certainly are not afraid to get their nails dirty and jump in there to do the hard, manual labor.

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  1. I work with some of those Millenials... they have their own ways, that's for sure. And not a one of them gardens, as far as I know.


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