Friday, November 30, 2007

Gifts for Gardeners

Our latest article in the Washington Examiner is out today. Read the article online here (Real Estate section - November 30 2007 edition - page 26) - or grab the print version at the red street boxes around town today. It is on Gifts for Gardeners -- and of course that list includes a gift subscription to Washington Gardener Magazine. :-) We send your giftee the current issue and a personalized gift charge - just attach a note to your order letting us know what you would like it to say. For those at a loss for words, we usually just say "Happy Gardening!" and at this time of year we add a "Happy Holidays!" You can fill out a gift subscription order online here or just send a check for $20 with your order details to Washington Gardener Magazine, 826 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring MD 20910. As long as we get it by December 20, we can get it to your giftee by Christmas.

If you need more Gardener Gift Ideas, tune in to WUSATV9 tomorrow, Sunday 12/2 from 8-9am. I'll be on showing some fun gift ideas for the gardener in your life or yourself. Hey, I know I'm not the only one who shops by the "one for you, one for me" method ;-). The segment will most likely air during the last 15 minutes of the live broadcast.


  1. Never have too many gloves.

  2. Excellent point, EEJ! Every gardener needs a full glove wardrobe - and duplicates are always welcome.

  3. I'm buying for a neophyte gardener, and I don't personally indulge, so I don't know from gloves. If you're only going to buy one pair of gloves, which are best for general use?


  4. The gardener's gloves most coveted are Foxgloves (, but if they are out of your budget some good all-purpose cotton gloves from the local hardware store are nice. I also think a thick pair of leather work gloves are something that many folks don't buy for themselves but should have in their shed. Sizing may be a problem though - so make sure they are returnable.


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