Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hail the New Queen, Same As the Old Queen?

Okay not quite "Queen," but after handing over my presidency of the Takoma Hort Club last week, last night I was elected president of the Silver Spring Garden Club - they have no web site to link to or online presence of any kind - that shall soon change. I don't think they are quite aware the changes that will be coming - LOL. My impression is they are quite happy with the status quo, as they should be since Alice Frandsen, their president for their last 15 years, did such a wonderful job and really built it up into one of the biggest and best garden clubs in the area. However, this is the 21st C though and I'm about to drag them into it.

Last night's meeting we were treated to a talk about the British embassy gardens and the recent visit by QE2. We were joking post-election about just how I should be addressed. Madame President? -- too stuffy. El Jefe? -- too stern. I'm thinking more along the lines of Your Grace or Your Excellency -- something that calls out a particular admirable trait in one. Maybe, Your Greenness?

More gorgeous local fall foliage from north up New Hampshire Avenue pictured here.


  1. How about "Your Garden-ness" or "High Priestess of the Garden".

    Sounds like a fun club!

  2. I like both - the priestess one takes it to a whole nother level - a see a green velvet cape and crown of orchids in my near future. ;-)


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