Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bad Kitty

Here is the online link to this week's The List: Top Home & Garden Events on page 29 of today's print edition in the Washington Examiner. Note that they botched our credit link and it should direct you to our site.

Also in today's edition of the Examiner is a Yeas & Nays piece on Kitty Kelley getting caught maliciously ripping plants up in her Georgetown neighbor's yard. It was all caught on the neighbor's security cameras. I had to read it through twice to let that one sink in. Looks like they'll need to update the infamous muckraker's unauthorized bio. (Cover picture above.) Poisonous indeed!


  1. Can't you just here her adding under her breath "I never comment on my neighbors . . . unlike Kitty Kelley."

    And of course, the piece leaves it unclear whether it was spite over the noise, or merely garden criticism in action on Kelley's part. Maybe Martin has questionnable taste in lilies.


  2. The article implies a few times that this is not a first for Kitty and that she has a record of bad blood with her neighbors. I'm sure there are previous ones out there reading that piece thinking, "So THAT is what happened to my potted geraniums that summer and here I had blamed the squirrels!"


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