Monday, November 05, 2007

Nov/Dec 07 Magazine Issue Out

The November/December 2007 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine is hot off the press and now mailing to all of our subscribers.

This issue featured a "Gardening with Children" cover story. I'll be on WAMU's Metro Connection show talking about that very subject this week. I hear from so many wannabe gardeners that they don't have time to get out there because they "have kids." Now that has to be the lamest excuse I've heard. Seems to me once they are past the put-everything-in-their-mouth phase, kids and gardens are a natural match. My friends with young ones always complain about the ferocious energy-level these tykes have, get them in the garden I say! Give them a small shovel and have them dig a few rows for your spring-blooming bulbs. Call them dinosaur eggs or whatever you have to get them in the planting mood. That should keep them busy and productive for at least two hours this weekend.
This issue has pages of ideas for getting young gardeners growing into green thumbs. You can subscribe now online or by mail or see us at a number of upcoming holiday season events to subscribe in person. Our upcoming events schedule is on the front page of our web site.

It was such balmy weather today that I planted a half-dozen pots of pansies into my hanging window boxes. I should have taken more advantage and heeled in a number of perennials I've been sent to trial out. They are all in 4" (or less) pots and are "not ready for prime time" so to speak nor do I really know where I eventually want to put them in the garden so they sit by my potting shed until my procrastination gives way to action. I predict that will be about the same time as our first snow flurries. At which ppint, I'll shove them all together under a leaf pile for planting next spring.

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