Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are you kidding me?

Our latest WAMU Metro Connection gardening segment is now online here. If the link moves, you can always go to then put in my last name "Jentz" in their search option.

Today I went out to Star Gazing Farm in Boyds, MD, to pick up several buckets full of composted animal manure. They are testing the process plus results and hope to have it for sale next year. Since I was getting dirty in the muck, I did not bring my camera. What a big mistake! The animals were in rare form today. One goat in particular needs a little home-training. I took his pic from of their web site where I also see his bio shows his name is Newman. Yeah, he looks all cut and innocent, doesn't he? He fooled me too -- at first. But then he started trying to over turn the buckets of manure compost, get between me and the shovel, open the car doors, get inside the car trunk, pull out the tarps, etc. All in a matter of about 30 seconds. His picture here also doesn't convey his size -- he comes to about my shoulders and his head is same size as mine, which means his horns are petty formidable. As goats go, he was fairly harmless, but he sure would be a pain to have around on a regular basis.

When I spoke on that WAMU segment this week about "Gardening with Kids,"this is definitely NOT what I had in mind.

Update: After writing this blog entry, I read Newman's full bio story here. It appears he is quite the infamous scamp and clearly my experience with him was not unique.


  1. Newman's a pretty good looking goat. But that pig Tetsuro is the most soulful looking animal I've ever seen. Sounds like a fun trip.

  2. Tetsuro is popular with the kiddies - he is easy to pet and is just the right height for wee ones.
    I'm going to suggest they make fundraising Tshirts of some of their more photogenic animals. I can see a "Knocked over by Newman" one being a big hit.


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