Tuesday, June 22, 2021

TikTok Tuesday: Fava Bean Hummus


Fa-va-voom! We grew, harvested, and processed fava beans to make a tasty green hummus with them. ##gardendc ##fava ##gardening101 video by @mollycuddy

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By Molly Cuddy

As a summer intern with Washington Gardener, I have a semester-long project that I’ll be working on, and for it I decided to do weekly blog posts. “TikTok Tuesdays” will feature our own TikTok videos on the Washington Gardener account, where we will document what’s happening in our community garden, local events, garden cocktail recipes, etc. Some weeks, I may highlight a creator on the app who posts gardening and/or foraging videos. 

If you’re unfamiliar with TikTok, it’s an app where people can post short videos about pretty much anything. We’ll be posting videos there as much as possible, so you should follow us at @wdcgardener.

This week, as you may have seen in the Fenton Friday blog post, we harvested the Fava beans that had been planted by spring intern Khloe Quill. I took some footage of the other interns, Kathy, and myself getting the beans out of the pods. Kathy blanched the fava beans at home, referencing this Youtube video, and was able to make a delicious green hummus out of the beans and garlic also grown in our plot. You can check out the recipe here: https://ellerepublic.de/en/fava-bean-dip-green-hummus/.

Make sure you to check this blog and our TikTok account next week for another Tiktok Tuesday!

About the Author Molly Cuddy is a journalism major at the University of Maryland, College Park, and an intern this summer with Washington Gardener. She is also a campus tour guide and will be a teaching assistant for a professional writing class next semester.

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