Saturday, November 28, 2020

GardenDC Podcast - On Holiday Break

The GardenDC podcast is taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and will be back shortly with new episodes. Meanwhile, you can catch up on any of the first 38 episodes that you may have missed or re-listen to a past favorite.

Behind the scenes, we have been working on several upgrades for the podcast. One is to add it to as many free podcast networks as possible. We are up to 11 right now and have applied to a couple more. Let us know if there is a network you'd like to see us on.

We are also transcribing past episodes. This will take some time, but we think it will be worth it for folks to be able to read the text who may not be able to listen to the show. It will also enable anyone to keyword search for specific mentions of say a plant or person.

Finally, we are adding audiograms of each episode on YouTube. That means you can listen via Youtube as another distribution spot. Eventually, we hope to add more visuals to these episodes and to also host live podcast recordings on our Youtube channel as well.

BTW, YOU can become a listener supporter for as little as $0.99 per month!
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The GardenDC podcast is available on -
  • Google Podcasts at this link (note that currently, this link will only work on Android devices)

We welcome your questions and comments! You can leave a voice mail message for us at: Note that we may use these messages on a future episode.

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