Tuesday, December 01, 2020

DIY: Lemongrass Tea Wreath

This super-easy craft makes a nice gift for the tea-lover on your list or for yourself. Lemongrass leaves are long and unwieldy and rolling them into a small wreath allows you to more easily store them and add them into a cup to brew.

Level: easy   Cost: inexpensive   Use: gift/edible 

Lemongrass plant

Step 1: 
Select a lemongrass blade that is about 3 feet long. (You can use more than one blade, if you are making wreaths to add to a soup or other dish for stronger flavoring.)
Step 2: Form the end of the blade into a circle around three fingers, then pull the other end through to make a loose circle.
Step 3: Start wrapping the long end around the circle -- twisting it as you go. 
Step 4: Tuck in the last of the loose end or trim it off.
Step 5: Drop one wreath into a cup of boiling hot water to steep for a couple minutes. Remove the wreath and stir in a teaspoon of local honey. Drink.

Tips and Care:
  • In the August 2018 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine, we share tips for growing, propagating, and preserving Lemongrass. 
  • Fresh lemongrass works best as it can get a bit scratchy and rough as it dries. If the blade is too rough or hard to work with, peel off the stiff section.
  • Make several small wreaths to place on holiday gifts or in stockings.
  • You can dry the wreaths by hanging them for a few weeks in a well-ventilated room or place them in a dehydrator for several hours.
  • Store them in a glass jar.
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