Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Spreading the Karma

This weekend I put together baskets full of gardening goodies along with a gift subscription to our Washington Gardener Magazine for two silent auctions. The first took place last night, The Farmlands Feast, and was a benefit for the FreshFram Markets. The second is the 43rd Annual Holy Cross Hospital Celebration Gala, which is this Saturday, 11/10. If you take a look at the silent auction catalog see item #28 -- they added to our gardener's basket of our magazine, tools, lotions, seeds, etc. a $300 Stadler gift certificate -- now that is something to bid on!

Today I was going through my October '07 WETA guide on my way to the recycle bin and saw that the "Hometown Hero" last month was Butterfly Bob. Since I missed it on the air, I watched it online here. Robert Speaker is truly a hero for giving his time to the butterfly project at the Washington Youth Garden. It takes a special and patient person to work with kids, plants, and butterflies on a regular basis.

Someone left a nasty, anonymous note under my back door yesterday morning. I won't go into the details of it except to say this cowardly bully has a problem with the way I maintain my yard and what I plant in it. Clearly he/she is not mature enough to actually address me in a direct manner nor sign their name to their opinion.

Pictured with this entry is my front entrance - I'll be switching out the seasonal items soon. Have to say I'm enjoying the orange motif for now.


Carol said...

An anonymous note? That's low, very low. They must be jealous!

WashingtonGardener said...

Today I was doing my weekly clean up of trash that has blown in (or was thrown in) the yard and surrounding street when a young man came up and gave me "mad props" for my NWF habitat certification. So that makes me feel a bit better :-). And yes, the "anonymous" factor is my biggest problem with this note much more so than the content of it -- just so gutless.