Hail the New Queen, Same As the Old Queen?

Okay not quite "Queen," but after handing over my presidency of the Takoma Hort Club last week, last night I was elected president of the Silver Spring Garden Club - they have no web site to link to or online presence of any kind - that shall soon change. I don't think they are quite aware the changes that will be coming - LOL. My impression is they are quite happy with the status quo, as they should be since Alice Frandsen, their president for their last 15 years, did such a wonderful job and really built it up into one of the biggest and best garden clubs in the area. However, this is the 21st C though and I'm about to drag them into it.

Last night's meeting we were treated to a talk about the British embassy gardens and the recent visit by QE2. We were joking post-election about just how I should be addressed. Madame President? -- too stuffy. El Jefe? -- too stern. I'm thinking more along the lines of Your Grace or Your Excellency -- something that calls out a particular admirable trait in one. Maybe, Your Greenness?

More gorgeous local fall foliage from north up New Hampshire Avenue pictured here.


Carol said…
How about "Your Garden-ness" or "High Priestess of the Garden".

Sounds like a fun club!
I like both - the priestess one takes it to a whole nother level - a see a green velvet cape and crown of orchids in my near future. ;-)

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