Saturday, September 02, 2023

GardenDC Podcast Episode 163: Plant Geekiness and Must-Have Plant Picks

In this episode of GardenDC: The Podcast about Mid-Atlantic Gardening, we chat with Michael Perry aka Mr. Plant Geek, all about plant geekiness and his must-have plant picks. The plant profile is on Ninebark and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events in the What's New segment. We close out with the Last Word on the Joy of Apple Picking by Christy Page at the Food Gardening Network.

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Show Notes: 01:07 Welcome Michael Perry, aka Mr. Plant Geek 01:54 Michael’s gardening background 02:46 Gardening mentors and Michael’s grandparents 04:31 Michael’s current garden in Suffolk, UK: soil and layout 06:18 Plant organization and “editing” the garden 07:24 Michael talks USDA zones and cold snaps 10:18 Cordylines in the Mid-Atlantic US and zone busting 11:54 “It’s hard to manage a garden when you are traveling a lot,” says Michael. 12:49 Hardcore plant geeks: GardenComm Annual Meeting in Minneapolis 13:31 Michael’s impression of American networking 15:20 Michael’s highlights from the GardenComm conference 17:09 The overflowing garden vs the neighbor’s lawn 19:42 Upcoming annuals to look out for: Petunias 21:22 “A plant that hasn’t had any work, but I think should be revived is Salpiglossis,” says Michael 22:52 The ultra-cool Petchoas 24:01 Buying new plants vs buying familiar plants 25:37 Perennials: the New lavenders 26:38 Alstroemeria 28:23 Iris 29:50 Hemerocallis/Daylillies 30:45 Breeding flowers at home 31:58 Geums 34:31 More colors in Hostas 35:32 Collectors and auctions: hostas and snowdrops 37:55 Houseplants: Caladiums 38:45 Flowering houseplants: Orchids, African Violets 41:06 Begonias 43:20 Woody Plants: Cercis aka Redbud 44:26 Diervilla 45:27 Hydrangea 46:40 Edibles: sprouting seeds 47:38 Edible flowers 49:10 Edi-mental gardens 50:30 Find Michael Perry at @mr_plantgeek on Twitter and Instagram, on, New Plant News on Substack, or find his book “Hortus Curious” 52:03 Plant Profile: Ninebark 54:55 What’s new in the garden? Dahlia season in the community plot. 55:18 In the community: Friends of Brookside Garden’s perennial fall plant sale on September 9 at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland; Arlington Rose Foundation’s rose show at Merrifield Garden Center in Fair Oaks, Fairfax, Virginia on September 22-24 57:18 Groundcover Revolution by Kathy Jentz 58:39 The Urban Gardener by Kathy Jentz and Teri Speight 59:39 The Last Word on the joy of apple picking by Christy Page

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Episode Credits:

Host, Editor, and Producer: Kathy Jentz

Show Notes: Alexandra Jentz


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