Thursday, April 01, 2021

Introducing "Color Me Bloom"

Bloom Soil, DC Water's Class A exceptional quality biosolids soil amendment, has expanded their product line now to include Color Me Bloom, a Bloom infused eyeshadow palette. 

We here at Washington Gardener Magazine are big believers in natural products and that includes our beauty regime. This has chemical-free, carbon footprint-reducing ingredients: Biosolids fresh off the Blue Plains belts for a fresh face. It is literally fertilize for our face! 

Best of all, they say, "Bloom’s slow-release nutrients mean your makeup will stay pristine from morning till night. Leave it on overnight to soak up some extra organic matter and humic acid for the skin. Vegan friendly, tested on plants only!"

Watch the educational make-up tutorial at:

Happy April Fool's Day!


  1. Bloom is a great product! I'd use any product they make.

  2. And all natural. Love it!

  3. Huh, how come only the sandy blend is available by the cubic yard? What about the Weed-free Glitter?

    But seriously, after my first chuckle, I started thinking, "Andrew Clemens."


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