Monday, March 01, 2021

DIY: Flamingo Planter

This flamingo planter will be part of our Petal Porch decoration (see more about that event here). I recycled an old yard flamingo from my collection as I could not bring myself to sacrifice a new one.

WARNING! This craft is fairly easy to make, but due to the
 SHARP plastic edges and use of a knife, I would not recommend this for children and advise that you use extreme caution when working on it yourself.

Level: moderate   Cost: inexpensive   Use: gift/decorative 


Step 1: 
Put on leather gloves and clamp flamingo tightly in a vise so that it does not slip. Take out the metal legs.
Step 2: Puncture the bottom of the flamingo to make 3-4 holes for drainage.
Step 3: Turn it over and cut a slip in the middle of the back. Then cut a square around that slit. Bending in the two long sides to create an opening of about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. (Go bigger if your plant is larger.)
Step 4: Fill the inside of the flamingo with potting mix.
Step 5: Place your plant in the potting mix and fill in soil around it. 
Step 6: Water and let drain.
Step 7: Replace the metal legs and place the flamingo in your garden.

Tips and Care:
  • Depending on the plant you pick, you may need to water it frequently.
  • You may also want to change out the plant seasonally or as the flowers fade. In this demonstration I used a clump of crocus bulbs from my garden. Once those blossoms drop, I will switch out to pansies for spring, then petunias for summer.
  • You can paint and decorate your flamingo as well. See our Flamingo Makeover project too.

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