Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Yucca Plant Profile

Yucca filamentosa is a tough plant that is native to the central and eastern United States. It is hardy to USDA zones 5-10. It is commonly known as Adam’s Needle, Needle Palm, or simple Yucca.

In early summer, this broadleaf evergreen shrub puts up a tall flower spike that is striking and also a pollinator magnet. For fun, after the blossoms drop, I like to spray paint the remaining spike in a bright tropical color and leave it up for the rest of the summer.

Though it looks like a hot desert plant, it has no problem withstanding ice and snow.

There is the straight green species as well as several variegated forms available at local garden centers. The most popular of the variegated cultivars is ‘Color Guard’.

Yucca is easy to grow from rhizome divisions. Just dig up a section, cut it into 3-inch sections, and plant them. I also find it fairly easy to divide the clumps and replant them in new locations.

Yucca prefer full sun and well-draining soil. They need no fertilizing or extra watering.

They are rabbit- and deer-resistant. They are a great choice for along street edges as they are also salt spray- and pollution-resistant.

   Yucca - You Can Grow That!

The video was produced by Washington Gardener Magazine.

Visuals by Khloe Quill
Audio by Kathy Jentz


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  1. Can you harvest to prepare and eat, as in "fried yucca"?!

    1. Yes, I neglected to include the fact that you can eat the flower petals. I have tried them and they have a very light cucumber-like flavor AND you can eat other parts of it too, but be careful of the spines and roots, see details here -

  2. Great, Kathy! This is one I'd love to have. I'm going to check a couple of garden centers to see if I can find one (or a couple) to plant. How do they do in pots? I'm primarily a pot gardener these days.

    1. Glad you liked it! It sends out a DEEP tap root, so maybe not a great choice for pots.


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