Monday, August 01, 2016

DIY: Yard Flamingo Facelift

Is your yard flamingo looking a little faded and worn? Or are you just sick of its pinky-pink coloring and want to give it a whole new look? By following these easy instructions your yard flamingo will be looking refreshed in no time at all!

~ Spray paints*
~ Acrylic paints
~ Foam paint brushes
~ Wire coat hangers or stakes from old political yard signs
~ Wire cutters
~ Cardboard or tarps
~ Painter's tape
~ Gloves
~ Finishing spray coat
~ Optional: Hot glue gun, glitter, fabric, beads, and other accessories

*Rust-oleum's Berry Pink is the closest shade I've found to the original flamingo color.

In the instructions below, I describe how you re-fresh a classic yard flamingo. If you want to do a total makeover (see examples at the bottom of the post), then you would follow similar steps then embellish as you wish.


1. Clean off any soil or dust from your flamingo with a damp cloth and then let your bird dry.

2.  If the legs are missing or broken, now is a good time to cut new ones to your desired height and insert them into the flamingo. Different flamingos vary in how the legs are attached, but it should be fairly easy to do so -- a second pair of hands may make it easier.

3. On a calm (non-windy) day, lay down your tarp or cardboard and shake up your spray paint can. You can use the painter's tape to tape off the legs and beak area on your bird. Spray paint your bird using a steady back-and-forth sweeping action for all-over coverage. Don't go too close as the paint will drip and run.

4. Let your flamingo dry. It helps to have a foam block or other place to stand them in so they don't fall and mess up their new paint job.

5. Once dry, now is the time for detail work. If you put on painter's tape, carefully remove it. Take yellow acrylic paint and a foam brush and paint the beak and eye area. Let it dry. Then come back with black paint to paint down the front of the beak and dot in an eye pupil.

6. Spray on a clear finishing coat, if desired.

Here are a few ideas for flamingos with new looks:

unicorn/my little pony
The only limit to your flamingo re-do is your imagination!

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