Thursday, August 18, 2016

Best Baptisia for the Mid-Atlantic Region featured in the August 2016 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine

The August 2016 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine is now out.
Inside this issue:
~ Best Baptisia for the Mid-Atlantic Region
~ Introducing the Meatiest, Tastiest Eggplant Ever
~ Your Monthly Garden Tasks To-do List
~ Confessions of a Trash-picker
~ What Causes Deformed Cucumbers?
~ Local Gardening Events Calendar
~ Where Have All the Native Earthworms Gone?
~ Massage Therapy’s Role in the Garden
~ Meet Frank Asher, Old City Farm & Guild
~ Tall, Blue, and Handsome: American Bellwort
and much more!
Note that any submissions, event listings, and advertisements for the September 2016 issue are due by September 10.

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