Saturday, May 09, 2020

GardenDC Podcast Episode 10: Peppers, Fothergilla, and Rachel Carson's Home

This episode, we chat with Peter Pepper about growing Peppers and I describe my visit to Rachel Carson's home a few years ago. Also, I share what is blooming in my garden and the plant profile is on fothergilla.

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  1. Nice article.

  2. Hi! Beginner DC gardener here with an actual non-spam question for a veteran! I built a raised bed in my small backyard in NW DC and planted two tomato plants, a squash plant, a pepper plant, parsley, and thyme that I bought at Lowe's. Everything seemed to be going well, but then a few days ago I noticed in the afternoon that one of the branches had disappeared from the tomato plant. Then went the leaves from the squash plant the next day. Then the rest of the branches from the tomato plants, until now they are only bare stems. Now the parsley is starting to disappear. I don't know what it could be and google doesn't seem to help. The branches look like they were sliced off at the stem and are entirely gone. Way too big for a bug to take (6 inches long, 1/4 inch diameter), and it is happening during the day. Is this something birds or squirrels could do? Appreciate any advice for keeping my plants free from theft!

    1. Hi Seth - sorry to say but that is likely either rabbits or deer. (It could be a groundhog too - but they are usually more evident.) Surround your plot with hardware cloth - which has a smaller space openings than chicken wire.


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