Sunday, March 18, 2007

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Okay, I'm no Mary Tyler Moore, but I think I do alright compared to the many wooden appearances I see on the local news. I did the Channel 9 Sunday 8am news broadcast this morning. My first garden segment of the year. All about waking up the garden for spring -- which is officially here Tuesday night -- yippee!!!

I'll be live on-air again this Wednesday on Channel 4 at 4pm with a similar story. You can watch it from any computer live via their wen site at: The Channel 4 segment will be focused more on my "A Season Of Renewal" story on page 18 of the March 07 issue of Washington Woman now out and available for free at area Whole Foods, Giants, libraries, etc.

Getting ready for the photo showing this Friday. Spent the day shopping for wine, cheese, picture hangers, etc. Now have to get all the framing finished, create the signage, print a guide, etc. I've sent out invites to everyone I can think of -- and if you're reading this YOU are invited as well. Very hard to predict how many people will show up for this first-ever event. Seeing as how it is free, very easy to get to, has food, and includes gorgeous garden photos, I'm thinking we could get a very big crowd. We will be drawing the 17 winning photographers themselves plus their friends and family, as well as garden lovers, photo/art patrons, community neighbors, etc. Hoping it will be in the 50-100 range and that everyone only stays for a portion of the two-hour reception time period.

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