Friday, March 30, 2007

Free Worm Tea!

The latest Washington Examiner is now out with week #3 of "The List." We are providing the "Home & Garden Top 5" list for this every week. Read the Examiner article online (March 29 edition - page 34), or grab the print version at the red street boxes around town today - the List is on page 34.

Our #1 pick for this week's List is the brand new Montgomery County Home Show. We are having a booth there near the speaker's stage (#148) and hope to see many of you there. Feature speakers include WTOP garden expert, Mike McGrath. This week's Gazette has a pull out of the schedule and floor plan as well as a $2 off coupon to the event off the $8 admission. You can also print out $2 off coupons from the MoCoHomeShow web site.

In addition, the MoCoHomeShow organizer says they will honor coupons and passes from any other home show! That is a really great deal - especially if, like me, you spied some free home show passes at various other recent events.

For our part, Chip at GlobalWorming (see last blog post below) just gave us a case of very fresh Worm Tea to give out with new subscriptions placed at the MoCoHomeShow. So while supplies last, every new subscriber who signs up at the event will get a bottle of worm tea, the current issue of our Washington Gardener Magazine, and a pack of native wildflower seeds.

I planted a bunch of pansies from Safeway yesterday - do they look they the photo here? No, but they should fill in my planting boxes by the front door and out back until the summer annuals are ready.

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