Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

In all the hectic activity of the last few weeks, I never formally announced it - but our March/April 07 issue IS out! The cover is pictured here. All subscribers should have it now or be getting it shortly. This cover shot was one of our photo contest winners.
Speaking of the last few busy weeks, both trips to Philadelphia Flower Show went very well. In addition, the Washington Home & Garden Show this past weekend started off slow, but ended on a real high note for us. On Sunday, we had our highest number of total subscriptions in one day. With the gorgeous weather that day, I had thought we'd not get a good crowd. Boy, was I wrong! They came out by the 100s. Spring is definitely in the air.
I've just been asked by the Washington Examiner to do there "Top 5" home & garden events list for them every week - it will start this Thursday in a new section of their paper that they are promoting -- similar to the Washington Post Weekend or Sunday Source sections. And hmmm, just guess what events I'll be featuring ;-) Hey, they are not paying me for this - so I might as well use it to promote my own causes and friends heavily! BTW, the Washington Post Home section will no longer be listing area home & garden events, so I guess we'll be taking up the slack there.

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