Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Links to Linger Over

Pictured here is my front garden during this past Sunday's snow. Hard to believe it now as the sun and warmth have moved in and it feels like spring is here.

While I may not be able to post much since I'll be away at events this coming week, I thought I'd leave you with some good sites to visit. These are ones I have not tipped you off to before and that I think you'll enjoy if you are interesting in gardening.

~ Doug Green's blog is a great resource. He has made a real go of online publishing and you can explore his many downloadable Ebooks as well. When Doug tackles a subject, considered it fully explored! On his most recent blog post he talks about ants in the garden and dispels the Peony myth I always find it frustrating when veteran gardeners ask me how to get rid of ants on Peonies. They belong there and do no harm! If you want to cut a few blooms, just gently shake them out before bringing them inside.

~ Starla King, one of our more active Washington Gardener readers, has a nice new web site: She does design, installation, and maintenance work and is based in Virginia. You may recall Starla's My Garden Story column in our Nov/Dec 06 issue.

~ If you missed the Takoma Park Green Building Conference events held in Council Chambers on Sunday, February 18, 2007. Five programs from this event will air during March on TP City TV. Details will beprovided on the City TV page of the website,, after March 1. It is Channel 13 on my cable system and should be available in Montgomery County and maybe parts of DC. I saw cameras pass by our table a few times, who knows what will end up on air, but if you see me on it - give me a heads up. I'd assume it will mostly be the great workshops and group talks they held there.

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