Friday, March 16, 2007

Enews Out - Consult the Tulip Library

The March 15 issue of the Washington Gardener Enews was sent out yesterday. It is now archived here for all to read. The feature article is on the Tulip Library in downtown DC near the Tidal Basin. Also in the issue is our newest Washington Gardener Reader Contest -- you can win passes to the new MoCo Home Show.

Here is the direct link to the Tulip Library PDF featured in yesterday's Washington Gardener Enews. It seems to be very slow loading from the enewsletter host site due to lots of reader traffic.

We also listed on the Washington Gardener yahoo discussion group all the additional submitted event listings taking place from 3/15-4/15/07 that we could not fit into this issue of the Washington Gardener Enews. Enjoy!


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