Saturday, March 17, 2007

Miss Attributed

Several months ago I answered a writer's request to suggest Earth-friendly practices in the garden, we corresponded via email and that was it. Until last week, when I picked up March/April 07 issue of Bethesda Magazine and saw I was quoted for a side-bar of the cover story on "live a greener life." The side-bar, "conserve water," on page 62 not only misquotes me, but attributes me as "president of the Washington Garden Club."

At least my name is spelled right! But what I'd have expected, with simple copy-and-paste from our email exchange, is that they get the Washington Gardener Magazine name and my title right or just use the fact that I'm current president of the Takoma Horticultural Club. Either attribution would work for me in getting needed publicity for either organization.

As it stands now, I think now that I'm named president of a group that does not exist -- I may just have to go ahead and start it! I've been ruminating for a year or so now about adding a membership component to the magazine and certainly with hosting recent events we are naturally moving in that direction.

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