Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stupid Questions

Today I'm here to testify there are most definitely stupid questions -- for instance, "Are you pregnant?" When does this EVER need to be uttered? If they are AND if it is your business to know, they'll tell you.

Well, the currently most irksome stupid question I get asked about once every week or so is, "What is your day job?" or some iteration of this that implies running this business is a lark or hobby. I find it extremely insulting and most of the time asked purposely to belittle.

The answer for the record is not only is publishing a bimonthly magazine, monthly enewsletter, this blog, hosting an online discussion group, writing a biweekly newspaper column. making regular TV/radio appearances, selling advertising, attending every area garden event possible, spending my weekends selling subscriptions at festivals and garden shows, processing said subscriptions and business paperwork, etc. a full-time job, but that it is eating up about 100-hours per week but I'm woefully behind on many tasks.

I'm posting this for all those other entrepreneurs and one-person publishing operations out there. My response so far is an incredulous look and an emphatic: "My job is full-time -- it is far more than full time. It is my life right now." That usually shuts them down.

Great cartoon:

1 comment:

  1. "So, what do you do?"

    I answer with, "I have fun." and change the subject.

    And the preggers question is SO weird. I don't ask til I see the baby in their arms.


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