Thursday, August 24, 2006

At The Intersection

Our local NPR (public broadcast) radio station recently got a new talk format and one if the new shows, The Intersection, invited me on today. Here is a link to the site:
For the short-term, you can hear the show and see the related links at:
I'm on for the last 20 minutes or so taking about garden questions and discussing related topics. We had a good number of callers and emails, which is always a good sign. The show is obviously doing something right.

I came home after the interview to find a few strange messages on our voice mail. Um, is it stereotyping to say radio brings the freaks out? The calls are not threatening or anything - but clearly these people are not altogether in the head. One mumbled on about doing something with our web site - then left no name or number to call back. Another said he had a "special tree" we needed to see, but could not let others know about. Yeah, that is exactly what we garden writers do -- trek to unknown parts to view plants that we can never inform our readers about. My policy is to return all calls - but got to say I'm questioning that now.

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