Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Water Garden Pleasures

FINALLY my Water Hyacinth have bloomed. It is not why I purchase and put in these annual pond floaters, but it is a nice bonus to have lilac, scented flowers in the dog days of DC.
I think I actually enjoy my water garden more than any other aspect of my yard. I am captivated by the creatures it attracts. I love the beauty of the water lilies. I enjoy watching my little fishies gobble up more than their weight in insects. Most of all I love the LOW maintenance aspect of it. After the first two years of set-up and getting the right water balance -- all I do now is a spring clean-up/set-up and a fall prep for the winter. That is it. Just a few hours of work twice a year. No other part of my garden gives such reward with such little effort.
BTW, there is a myth I keep encountering and would like to bust: Water Gardens Do NOT attract or create mosquitos. (However, Bog gardens are a different story...) Here is a link to a good story on the subject: Scroll down to Randall Tate's article.

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  1. Wow, I am envious. I have just started a small frogpool/pond with water hyacinths and have little hope that they will bloom this year.

    Yours are beautiful and I am now living in hope for next year.


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