Monday, August 07, 2006

Zonal Envy

I picked up two Fuchsia Gartenmeister for the price of one at the Garden District store during the Dog Days Sidewalk Sale yesterday on U and 14th Streets in DC. They are now filling in a hole in my front bed. Come the first frost though, I'll need to find a new hole-filler. As these beauties are tropical zone 10/11 plants and my place is zone 7. I'm going to do my damnedest though to winter these puppies over by digging and keeping as houseplants and maybe attempt a few cuttings. I do not have a greenhouse though which makes this is an iffy proposition at best. It will cost me no more than time and effort - so why not.

This is a total 180 from my prevailing philosophy of live-and-let-die. In general, I don't believe in babying anything in my garden. If you live, you live. I try to choose the right plant for the right place and give it a good start. After that, it is on its own. Thrive or not. It is all up to you little plantling. Okay, I admit this philosophy stems from basic laziness on my part. but it is also from pragmatism and knowing myself after all these years. I know I may start with the best intentions. However, I get easily bored and that nursery center cutie will not be so cute anymore to me if I have to check on it daily and fuss over it. It will start to be a weight around my neck and pain in my rear. I will resent it and then where will we both be?

What makes me think I'll treat these Fuchsia Gartenmeister. Well, first they are in a feature position that I'll pass by several times a day and not in some forgotten corner. Second, I posted about it here and now will have to ensure their survival lest ye blog-readers jeer me later on. Wish them luck and drop me a comment on your overall garden-survival philosophy.

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