Monday, July 24, 2006

Real Garden Journals Online

Fiskars ( sent a blank journal to me today (and probably 1,000s of other gardeners) and asked me to fill it out. Those returned and chosen will then be put up on their web site journal pages (
At first, I was like - WHY? would I take days to fill out a book just to send it away and probably never it again. My own garden journal (a three-ring binder) is bursting at the seams and is woefully been neglected this past year. As a new plant comes in, I'll take the plant tag and stuff it in the album - maybe I'll mark where it was planted. That is about all I have time for right now.
I went on the site and viewed the garden journals pages. I'm inspired! None from the MidAtlantic so far, though plenty of wonderfully creative and thoughtful entries. There is no way I'll pull out a set of watercolors and make anything close to a few of these masterpieces, but I think I can find my own creative way to fill this journal.
What is a little surreal to me about this is a former scrapbook like me now a confirmed blogger taking time to make a paper journal again and then having it posted online. Does this even make sense to do? Maybe not. But it should be fun.

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