Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bamboo For You

My latest article for the Washington Examiner is posted here: select the print editon from Thursday, July 13 and scroll to page 26.
Here is one of the photos I submittet that did not make it in print. I want to steal this idea myself. Here is the caption:
Yes, bamboo comes in many colors, but this adventurous paint treatment of Phyllostachys dulcis by Nancy Valk in the home garden of Paul Babikow is not found in nature. Babikow is a well-known wholesale plant seller located just outside of Baltimore, MD.

Also here is the link to the American Bamboo Society that got cut for space and this final paragraph:
The following sources are highly regarded by bamboo enthusiasts: Bamboo for Gardens by Ted Meredith (Timber Press), The Journal of Japanese Gardening (, and Bamboo in Japan by Nancy Moore Bess.
More news coming soon...

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