Thursday, July 20, 2006

No AC in DC

The Wash Post interviewed me for a piece on living without AC in the DC summer swelter. Here is the link:
The reporter graciously mentioned the magazine and the photographer posed me with it (swiped and place here at left) it is more subliminal than a real view of it.

I've gotten about 50 messages so far today from people who saw the piece - great reactions. Hoping it comes through in new subscribers. Won't really know until I see the tallies for the next few weeks.

What is funny thing is there is a button to purchase the photo of myself - the price? Starting at $49.95 for an 8x10 print. Yikes! Even my mom and grandma will have to pass on that - Im imagining some rich perv out there ordering it now - LOL.

I was also interviewed yesterday on Washington Post Radio - a fun group of gals. We got to flush out the particulars on life without AC and I got to mention the magazine again.

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