Monday, July 17, 2006

Enews Is Better Than No News

Have I mentioned that we do (make that I do) a monthly enewsletter that comes out of the 15th of each month. Here is the most recent issue: It is free to anyone in the universe, but would only be of interest really to area gardeners. This is where I out the more timely things - like garden 'to do' list for the next 30 days as well as area garden event listings. Doing the event listings here, frees up space in the magazine as well as being more user-friendly since you can link directly to the full event information. Something I find frustrating in newspaper listing -- they give 3-5 words and you are luckily to get a URL to find out more information. That is IF the event has a web address! Can't believe how many organizations still are not online with just a simple page of basics. I'm thinking specifically of local area garden clubs. I know there are 100s out there, but if they are not online they may as well not exist as I'll never hear of them until one of their members volunteers the facts in passing conversation. Just today I found out about a club that meets at a local library - only because they contacted me as a potential speaker. Well, I'll do them a favor and at last list that one of event of theirs on the web ;-).

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