Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Surprise! More Rain!

It has been raining for days now and not just a steady drizzle - but torrents with gaps of hazy humidity followed by more rain with occasional thunder and lightening. Loving this rain for the garden after months of drought and a very dry winter. However, it is very de-motivating work-wise. I don't how those folks in Seattle or the UK get anything done!

The July/August issue is at the printer now getting ready for mailing. Meanwhile, I'm grooming the mail list file -- meaning going through the comps and weeding out those that should no longer be on there. Keep: area garden columnists currently employed at local publications. Lose: those folks who I have not heard from in ages. Then I move on to the subscriber list. Add: new ones. Lose: those that have failed to renew.

I don't think I'm totally up-to-speed on the renewal mailing process. It is one of those chores that it is very easy to procrastinate on. I do a postcard monthly to anyone past due or coming up on it - then send an email reminder if I have an e-address for them. Stats have been quoted to me that 20% renewal rate is average and another says it is 37%. I'm happy to report we are more in the 70% range - which is something I should probably be bragging about to our potential advertisers and others. Hmmm, off to write new marketing copy...

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