Thursday, June 01, 2006

Updates & Catching Up

I've decided to expand the focus of this blog to my garden and not just the garden magazine. I keep getting garden questions. Also, I just feel more like talking about what great things are blooming right now than totally focusing on dry business discourse :-). After all, gardening passion IS why I started this publication. I considered started a second blog just for my garden - but realized my time constraints and that I'd probably ignore one blog over the other (guess which one that would be!) - so better to combine and address all here.
A few folks have asked about follow-up to a few previous posts. Read on for answers.

What Happened to the Tree?
The tree remains are now removed from my front lawn. Still waiting to see which, if any, of the shrubs and perennials recover before pulling them out. I'm putting a crape myrtle in where the birch was and may move some perennials from a side bed to fill in if needed.
How Did Concrete Plaques Turn Out?
The concrete plaques are still looking like grey bricks and are just as heavy. I think the mix I bought was the wrong formula and need to go back to buy something lighter and not so quick-drying.
How was Open Garden?
The first Open Garden went well last Friday (aside from the car-crash ending) and I was able to get a lot done in the yard during it. This week's Open Garden I'll finish setting up my pond for the season. I already have two hardy water lilies blooming this week!
Can You Help with Regional Gardening Magazine Networking?
I'm starting a private discussion list for regional gardening magazine staffers (publishers, editors, etc.). If you'd like to join as well - please email me and let me know what publication you are with. The case study on our magazine a has attracted a lot of attention from fellow publishers and those who are looking to start a regional garden publication themselves. I think we can help each other and maybe get some kind of ad space bundle going as well that we can offer to national advertisers.

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