Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I just reordered our Seed Packs - I'm down to my last 3. That means I've given away 1,000 seed packs since last year. Wow! We order custom packs of Eastern Native wildflower mix from Last year I gave the seeds to anyone and everyone we saw at garden events. On the pack is printed our subscription details. However, I believe little new business resulted from the seed pack giveaway and it was virtually impossible to track in any case. This year, we are doing a "get a free pack with each new subscription" deal at in-person events. We're hoping to give them just a nudge of incentive to sign-up right there and not wait until later - which usually translated into never since people easily forget or misplace things in our too-busy lives these days. This also rewards folks who come out to area garden events in some small way. It seems to be working out well and I have had good feedback at the events we've recently attended. Will see how it works this year and maybe change it up again next year.

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