Monday, June 19, 2006

To Kill a Mockingbird?

I feed you. I provide shelter for you. I even given you a pond to bathe and drink from. I keep the cat away from you. This is the thanks I get??!! The non-stop scolding chirps are bad enough, but the worst was the dive-bombing of friends, guests, and UPS delivery personnel that gets me riled up!

A Mockingbird couple moved into the arch I have set as the entrance to my pond. It is covered in Clematis jackmanii and Wisteria vines - making a perfect place for their nest - easy access to food and water. However, this is just 5 feet from a very well-traveled urban sidewalk with constant foot traffic by commuters and nearby college students.

I have not seen a squirrel in my yard for weeks. Other birds are nearly absent as well. A few robins and sparrows have attempted to approach the pond - but have little luck. The worst I witnessed was a turtle dove being jumped on by one of the mockingbirds. He literally jumped on his head! Ouch.

I've had a few close-calls myself - the male especially likes to do a maneuver that is all sharp talons and beak going right for the eyes - he gets as close as he can without actually scratching me. He is not messing around.

So this is my warning who all who drop by or attend my weekly Open Gardens on Friday from 3-6 -- stay away from the pond and keep an eye out for a few feisty birds. I'd bring a parasol or at least a large hat. As soon as those chicks are old enough - they are all being evicted.

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