Sunday, June 11, 2006

Free Plants

One of the perks of editing a garden magazine and writing garden stories for other publications is the surprise boxes of plants delivered to my from doorstep. Pictured here is a recent delivery from Burpee of tomato plants along with a shipment from Spring Meadows of various annuals. The downside to this is finding places in my garden to stick these fun, new items. I'd already bought tomato plants for the season so now have four more I need to find a sunny spot for in my yard. I've already taken over the street-side median strips to set out the annuals labeled as heat, drought, and stress-tolerant. This will be their ultimate test. Now I have my eyes on a strip of land near the railroad tracks that as far as I can tell is maintained by nobody and may benefit from a few additions that I can keep an eye on when I pass that direction on the way to catch the subway. For the rest that I can't find homes for, I'm thinking they'll be perfect for giveaways or prizes to the volunteer reader panel or to the readership in general.

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  1. I was at the train station last week and actually saw a tomato plant (with actual tomatoes) growing in the gravel between the two sets of tracks. Unfortuately, I only got my new work phone with photo capability yesterday so i could not take a photo! Will have to find an excuse to take the train again!


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