Saturday, July 23, 2022

GardenDC Podcast Episode 112: Summer Garden Refresh

In this episode, we talk with Martha Pindale about refreshing your mid-summer garden. She is a horticulturist, instructor, and Executive Director of the American Landscape Institute ( The plant profile is on Blazing Star and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events.

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SHOW NOTES: 1:20 Meet Martha Pindale, horticulturist, instructor, and Executive Director of the American Landscape Institute! 3:25 Martha’s family has a long and historic connection to the horticultural industry 4:40 Many great plant introductions came from Bluemount Nursery in Monkton, MD, owned by Martha’s family 6:33 Martha was approached about the ALI scholarship program in 2017 and still works there! 7:45 Learn all about this unique scholarship program 9:47 Funding from the scholarship comes from employers 10:34 Graduating debt free with 39 college credits! 13:10 “Deadheading” is key for keeping flowers blooming 14:04 Dead flowers aren’t always dead! They’re often busy prepping seeds 16:00 The deadheaded flowers can either just fall to the ground or be composted 17:17 Cutting flowers = more flowers 18:24 Martha recommends Monty's fertilizers (* 19:32 Pollinators benefit from deadheading 21:50 Thunderstorms don’t provide enough water for the garden 23:56 Potted plants can still be dry even after a storm 24:30 Cutting perennials and annuals back hard 25:03 Make sure your friends who are watering in your absence know how to do it properly! 28:38 Floppy plants…staking! 29:58 Bamboo stakes and twine works great 30:59 Peony rings can be used for other perennials 31:55 Election signs can be upcycled to be used as stakes 33:26 Rabbits are menaces to twine! 35:35 Make a list of plants you notice flowering so you’re ready for fall shopping 37:01 Tough love works on plants too 37:48 Mulch immediately after weeding to fight against increased weed seed germination 40:20 Precautions for gardening in intense heat 43:25 Fighting mosquitoes, ticks, etc., with repellants 44:45 Rewarding your garden 44:49 Get in contact with Martha via email and take classes through CCBC! 46:22 Learn all about Blazing Star in this week’s plant profile! 48:10 New in the garden: hot weather with little rain, zinnias finally blooming, moving self-sowing plants back to the bed, and hydrangeas in the home garden 49:18 July 2022 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine has been sent out! 50:08 Local gardening events: Garlic Festival at Takoma Park Farmers Market, Kenilworth Annual Lotus and Waterlily Festival, Sunflower Festival in Woodbine, MD, Garden Book Club Summer Edition, and the upcoming garden photo show opening

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Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
Editing and Show Notes: Tori Vandergriff


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