Saturday, July 16, 2022

GardenDC Podcast Episode 111: Flower Combinations

In this episode, we talk with author Jenny Rose Carey all about flower combinations. The plant profile is on Rose Campion and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events.

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SHOW NOTES: 1:29 Meet Jenny Rose Carey, author of “The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Guide” and avid flower gardener! 2:28 Jenny has left PHS and is currently freelance writing, speaking, and promoting her new book 4:21 She is writing about all the flowers she grows herself! 5:58 Creating microclimates for the flowers 6:51 “I want to grow everything.” — Jenny 8:20 Deliberate choice to make the book accessible with a low price point by making it a soft cover 9:45 Small space vs large space gardens 10:08 Container gardening 10:48 Flower color combinations are entirely personal and subjective 11:40 A “flower wish list” is helpful to make your garden exactly how you want 14:44 It won’t be instant gratification with your garden 16:37 “My eyes are bigger than my stomach.” — Jenny 17:36 Gardening is similar to cooking in many ways 19:24 Combining different flower shapes 22:22 Jenny discusses dividing her flower bed to make it look more full and natural 24:33 Don’t be afraid to move your flowers around in your garden 26:12 We are sometimes too controlling in our lives, but gardening requires you to let go and let nature do its thing! 28:05 The Mid-Atlantic area is great for growing a large variety of plants 29:10 Jenny loves combining pink flowers with white, purple, and blue flowers 30:11 Orange is popping up as a popular color and looks great with pink! 31:48 “People are gravitating towards cheerful.” — Kathy 33:00 Bringing flowers inside allows you to look at them closely and contemplate them 34:30 We’re currently experiencing what Jenny describes as “high summer” and one of the gaps between flowering seasons 36:40 Description of perennials, annuals (cool and warm season), and even biennials 40:00 Bridge the gap for when plants don’t bloom when they’re “supposed to” by going to the plant store and buying an already flowering plant! 41:55 Prepping for a garden visit 44:00 If there’s a plant that you don’t like or is too much work, get rid of it or move it in your garden 44:36 Combining plants with hybrid roses 47:42 Plants to join with Monarda 48:56 Very aggressive plants can be controlled by not giving them perfect conditions 49:25 Jenny’s favorite color combinations with chartreuse 50:34 White brightens up a lot of combos 51:46 We need more butter yellow flowers! 52:52 Get in contact with Jenny through Instagram and her website 53:56 Learn all about Rose Campion in this week’s plant profile! 55:39 New in the garden this week: carrot harvesting, thornless blackberries, last of the garlic, new bean seeds and an heirloom pumpkin, and recent rain has the home garden thriving 56:50 Local gardening events: U.S. Botanic Garden workshop on growing outdoor fruit trees, “Ask the Experts about Mandevilla” by the National Garden Bureau, Asian Inspired Virtual Floral Design, Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia doing virtual talk about invading pests

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