Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Plant Profile: Mexican Feather Grass (Nassella tenuissima)

Mexican Feather Grass is a versatile ornamental grass that has many uses in the home landscape. It can be used in groupings, as a specimen plant, for edging, and in containers.

 In spring, the grass is a lime green, then sends out blonde-colored seed heads in summer and finally, in fall, the plant turns a tawny golden color.

 This grass has lovely movement and drama in the garden. It can add a layer of texture that blends well with many other plants such as Tall Sedums, Brazilian Verbena, and Echinacea.

 It is hardy to zones 7 to 10. It can grow in situations from full sun to part shade with good drainage. It is drought- and heat-tolerant.

 Mexican Feather Grass is a relatively small grass. Its mature size is approximately two feet high and wide. It can be divided in the springtime and is a low-maintenance plant in our region. It can be an aggressive spreader in other areas like California.

 The Latin name for Mexican Feather Grass recently changed from Stipa to Nassella, which has caused a little bit of confusion and you will hear people call the grass by either name, but they are all the same plant.

Mexican Feather Grass - You Can Grow That!

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