Monday, June 01, 2020

DIY: Women's Suffrage Container

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which protects women's constitutional right to vote, I created a container of annual flowers in the colors of the suffrage movement -- purple, white, and gold. I was inspired to do this project by this story in the Upstate Gardener's Journal. This past winter, I visited the exhibit on the faces behind the votes for women at the National Portait Gallery. It was both educational and emotional. We owe these women and their male allies, a great deal. 

Level: easy   Cost: minimal   Use: gardening 

- annual plants that bloom in purple, white, and gold
- spray paint (optional)

Step 1: If you wish to color-coordinate your container, you can paint* it. For mine, I chose to spray paint it in a deep purple. Make sure it is  large container with drainage holes. I picked one that is 16-inches in diameter.

Step 2: Fill the container with a potting mix up to the lower-lip line. Use a mix that is light and specifically designed for container plantings -- e.g., not garden soil.

my plant selections
Step 3: Select your annual plants in the flower colors of the movement. I chose three that are for full-sun lovers. You could also do a part-shade or full-shade plant combination, just be sure that the plants you pick all like similar growing conditions.

Step 4: Take your annuals out of their pots and rough up/loosen the bottom roots a bit so they will spread out into the potting mix once planted. Then, plant them in a triangle pattern in the pot.

Step 5: Water them in well and place the plants in a spot where they will get their required hours of sunshine.

These plants will continue to grow and fill out the container over the coming weeks. I plan to share a few photos here of that progress. Bookmark this page to check back here in a month or so.

*Tip: Be sure to spray over and inside the container lip, so the interior color is covered as well.

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