Monday, August 25, 2008

Tomato Tasting Results

Here are the results of the first annual Washington Gardener Magazine's Tomato Tasting at the Silver Spring FreshFarm Market.

  • Sun Sugar ~ 42 votes

  • Evergreen ~ 20 votes

  • Cherokee Purple ~ 14 votes

  • Red Grape ~ 10 votes

  • Mystery Yellow ~ 5 votes

  • Brandywine ~ 3 votes
We had almost 100 taste ballots turned in. (Many more folks tasted-and-dashed, declining to vote or thinking we were some kind of free food free-for-all.) I'm now a convert to Sun Sugar - my previous favorite Sun Gold pales in comparison. Many commented they will be growing Evergreen in their gardens next year, it was a surprising solid second. Most of the tomatoes were heirlooms and all came from farmers at the market. Spiral Path Farm was the source for the top three entries. The Mister/Miss Tomato Head activity was also a big hit -- I'm estimating 40 children took part. My next post will contain TomatoHead photos of some of the fanciful creations. The winner of the prize drawing for a big basket of garden and market goodies was Barry E. Shapiro of Silver Spring, MD.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the taste test results. I'm definitely going to grow Black Cherry next year!


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