Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Let It Rain: Weeds and Slugs

Catch me tomorrow (Thursday, 8/7) on Channel 4 at 4pm. Here is the little bump they gave me at their blog today. We'll be talking weeding, slugs, and weather - oh my! Yes, all the glamorous gardening topics. Now if I was really ambitious I'd set out some slug traps in the garden tonight so I'd have a few to show on the air tomorrow. The thought though of catching and transporting them with me on the metro to the studio is giving me the creeps. Can you imagine if the container broke open in transit? Urgh!

UPDATE: Here is a link to the online video of the Channel 4 segment. Bizarre pop-up storms forced us indoors for it. I did get one viewer email chastising me that pennies are not pet-safe. Um, yeah. I had recommended copper, and pennies in particular, as slug barriers and then earlier commented that our slug remedies shown (beer, iron phosphate, etc.) were pretty pet-safe versus the harsh pesticide alternatives. Apologies for any confusion. As a cat-person, I must say my brain does not automatically take into account that certain dogs can and will eat anything.


  1. Okay, this is my one and only true phobia. As evidenced by the small shriek when I opened your blog. Slugs put me into such a state of mental shut down. People so "Oh, well, you can just salt them." But that would mean I'd have already SEEN it. And if you salt it, it does that thing . . . can't even type about it any more. Must run away . . .

  2. I guess it is good then that I did not lead off with my "I stepped on a slug once with my bare foot" story ;-) I still have PTSD over that episode.


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