Friday, August 15, 2008

DC's Growing Sidewalk Hazards

On WAMU radio today (and repeated over the weekend), we are debating the topic of vigilante bike riders who chop back plants deemed in their way. In "Another Side of the Clippers," we give a different perspective on the issue of gardening and sidewalk obstructions. Listen to this segment here. Then go to WAMU's Conversation comment board and join in the frey.

One poster wrote on that thread: "Whether or not bicycles belong on the sidewalk (and, having biked all around DC for years, I think they don't), the plants are either private property of the homeowner, or public property belonging to all of the people of the District. A non-owner has no business hacking up plants that don't belong to them. Even for bikers who are also competent gardeners, a better option might be to carry preprinted notes for the homeowners. If there's a plant you particularly object to, leave the note in the mailbox asking the HO to trim the offending item. I mean, do you really want to be responsible for the murder of someone's valuable Japanese maple or their baby American elm? Keep in mind, however, that shade and lush greenery are part of what make these streets so appealing to ride on. If you can't get your way with the problem plant, you can always ride in the blazing sun and tailpipe exhaust on a big street."

Amen, sister!

Meanwhile, NBC4TV at 4pm yesterday picked up our Feeding Birds On A Budget story from the current issue of Washington Gardener where we offer "Ideas For Saving Money On Bird Food." Watch the short segment here.

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