Friday, August 08, 2008

Celebate Farmers Market Week

From August 3-9 is National Farmers Market Week. According to the USDA, over 4,400 farmers' markets bring the freshest, locally and regionally grown and harvested foods to communities all across America this year. For farmers' markets near you, visit LocalHarvest or the USDA search page.

While at a meeting in Rockville, MD, this week, I happened to catch that city's wonderful Wednesday lunch-time market. (They also have a large Saturday morning market.) I bought a single ear of corn and a personal-sized cantaloupe. Unfortunately, my purchases were limited by the fact that my tote bag was already weighing me down from earlier stops. I also chatted with "the pickle guy" and made a mental note to myself to come back to buy one of each of us pickled concoctions to try them out.

Nearby was the "From Farm to Market" art show which runs through Sunday, August 17 at VisArts at 155 Gibbs Street (just around the corner from the Rockville Library). Free to the public, the show "explores the impact farming has on our lives, revealing its influence through a fascinating spectrum of art." Okay, that sounds fairly highbrow, but really the first thing you will think upon entering the main gallery on the second floor is "cow!" Your next thought will be "tomato!" The mushroom picture above is from the exhibit and my advice is don't go there hungry! The best part of the show is the intelligent commentary and captions. At most exhibits you breeze on by these, but these really make you stop and think about our connections to local agriculture and relationship with food. More information on the show is at visarts.


  1. Thanks for the LocalHarvest link. Will come in very handy. I've frequently been on weekend trips and wondered if I'd been passing a sweet little famers' market just because I don't know it's there. I hate to think I'm missing a chance to get fresh produce and apple butter (I love a good apple butter).


  2. I'm an apple butter fiend too - now I'm in a peach jam phase though and I'm on the hunt for unusual local wildflower honey blends. So many spreads to choose from - can I have toast at every meal?

  3. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Celebate farmers? or Celebrate farmers. Those celebrating probably have a lot more fun that the others!

  4. LG - you're right - is it the Farmers or We who celebrate? Probably both :-)


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