Thursday, November 10, 2005

Several Irons in the Fire

Good thing I enjoy multi-tasking! I've been spending the last few days revamping our media kit. Meanwhile, have several projects simmering including a partnership with a local TV station, nailing down the details for our first annual seed exchange at the US National Arboretum this January, planning a couple garden tours for the local Takoma Horticultural Club, and designing a subscription postcard mailing for the holidays.

Hope to have much more to report on those first two items (TV partnership and seed exchange) in the next few weeks, but don't want to 'jinx' anything. You know the theory that the more you talk about something, the less likely it is to happen? It is as if you are sucking the energy out of the idea by giving voice to it, instead of just doing it. I think that runs counter to being able to fill this blog with the (often boring) background details of magazine goings-on. I'll have to find that balance as I go. How much to tell up front and how much to hold for later...

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